CAMENAE is a global luxury brand of bags, accessories and fine jewelry.

In its fifth year of collections, CAMENAE's unique pieces are coveted by an international market, with press and celebrity endorsement alike. 

The Camenae are Roman mythological goddesses who acted as prophets and connected the spiritual and material worlds. CAMENAE translates that confident feminine allure into must have statement accessories.


CAMENAE was established with the belief that luxury is an art that should remain in the hands of original master craftsmen.

CAMENAE leather goods are certified 100% Italian, by the Centopercento Italiano Consortium, founded in 1997.

As a sophisticated global brand, CAMENAE blends classic aesthetics with intellect and compelling design.

A CAMENAE accessory is distinct in quality, hand detailing, and versitility.

Such pieces with integrity and rarity captivate unreservedly.


CAMENAE prides itself on being exceptional and highly refined in everything it creates.

Expert Italian craftsmen work with bespoke materials to bring CAMENAE silhouettes to life, delivering unrivalled precision in cutting, assembly, stitching and finishing.

Our Florentine production is 100% Italian, which guarantees the indelible imprint of Italian quality. First-cut leather is tailored in Tuscan tanneries and our bag frames, belt buckles, zipper pulls and studs are Italian custom crafted.

Our fine jewelry embodies the same philosophy, crafted by one of the finest trained jewelry manufacturers with an established presence from 5th Avenue, to the Orient.


CAMENAE design channels Italian heritage that transcends passing trends.

Flattering, classical proportions with subtle details, create a contemporary feminine style.

We are privileged to work with international artists, to blend art & luxury for limited edition collectible pieces with corporate social responsibilty.

Together, CAMENAE designers Jill Walker and Brittany Callard bring a fresh perspective to the international luxury market.


Luxury and intimacy go hand in hand.

Luxury pieces are those things beautiful because it is unique to the individual. CAMENAE meets this ultimate desire through bespoke creations from our Infinity private order label.

Individuality is paramount in all of our ranges. Each CAMENAE collection is limited edition and our handbags are sold with interchangeable straps, enabling personal tailoring for style and practical preferences.