Founders Story

Jill & Brittany

Brittany Callard and Jill Walker established CAMENAE Italia with the singular aim to create handbags, accessories and jewelry to make you look and feel extraordinary.

From their international perspectives, Jill and Brittany identify a gap in the luxury market for product intimacy. They understand that  luxury is best achieved with genuine intent and through detailed designs made expressly for individual beauty and function. As a result, CAMENAE products exude exceptional confidence and beauty, which makes it coveted by women worldwide. 

Friends for over 25 years and often mistaken as sisters, Brittany and Jill have a partnership that is integral to their brand. They deeply value personal connections and enduring quality principles, which translates into each piece that leaves their workshops.

With design training in Paris and more than 18 years of international business experience, they have the conviction not to do things because everyone else does, but because they have an honest belief and commitment to their products and their purpose, which is to bring something extraordinary to those who carry and wear CAMENAE. 

The first CAMENAE collection was launched in 2008. CAMENAE Italia has since grown to be an internationally recognised label, which stands out for it's attention to detail and design and retails to clients from over 30 countries.