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Kate Winslet, actress: Aphrodite, Dragon Strap, and Dragon Wallet

Kate Bosworth, actress: Gaea clutch

Eva Longoria, actress: Nymph and Harmonia strap

Cat Deeley, TV Presenter: Aphrodite, Python strap

Denise Keller, MTV Asia VJ: Aphrodite and Gaea clutch

Paula Abdul, entertainer: Aphrodite in Sabbia

Brittany Snow, actress: Nova Belt in Nero

Kathy Griffin, comedienne: Diety in Mogano


"I have not taken it off my arm since I received it. It's a great bag and I love it!" Carrie Ann Inaba, entertainer.

"For me, CAMENAE is not only one of the most exquisite and innovative new luxury brands, it is more than this, it is an attitude towards life." Laleh Milani Fashion Editor PETRA Magazine.

"The CAMENAE bags are gorgeous, both in style and materials used. Also, the bags are comfortable to wear. The size, weight and the contour of the individual 'designs' each in its own right feel -- 'right'.You've managed to create bags that look elegant and sophisticated -- yet funky and totally stylish, but never trendy all at once. How did you pull that off? I'm in bag heaven!" Ruthie Hendel, Theatre Producer.

"Classic, beautiful, and exclusive." Jeanne Beker, Fashion TV host

"Love the bags and the idea of changing the straps. The Deity is very versatile and it's great with the long strap". I can use it as a purse or messenger bag." Jean Smart, actress

"This bag is so cute, it's insane! I don't think I've ever seen a bag like this before. It's perfect for style and function. It can almost go with anything!" Eva La Rue, actress